Author Reading & Signing

The author, with Joe Lansdale, at The Bosslight Bookstore on tour for The Burn, Feb. 2020.
Launch Party for THE BURN - February 2020
The author speaking at the Launch Party for THE BURN, held at Interabang Books. February 2020
Texas Writes Talk
The author teaching a writing class with Jeramey Kraatz for Texas Writes Feb. 2020
The author presenting at the Dallas Museum of Art, Arts & Letters Live, October 2019
THE DIME, nominated for 'Best Novel' at the Edgars Award in New York.
THE DIME, nominated for ‘Best Novel’ at the Edgars Award in New York.
Gold Coast Writing Conference photo
Author Kathleen Kent teaching a crime writing class at the Gold Rush Writing Conference, May 2019
Author Kathleen Kent at an outdoor reading - The Wild Detectives Bookstore, Dallas TX
Author Kathleen Kent at an outdoor reading – The Wild Detectives Bookstore, Dallas TX
Kathleen Kent at an Author Event - Interabang Books, Dallas TX
Kathleen Kent at an Author Event – Interabang Books, Dallas TX


Kathleen Kent at the Wild Detectives
Author in Noir At The Bar, reading from THE DIME, Wild Detectives Book Store


Author as historical consultant with the Univ. N. TX cast of The Crucible, inspired by The Heretic’s Daughter.
Author with Joe Lansdale, Murder By The Book, Houston, TX


Author with Joe Lansdale, The Wild Detective, Dallas, TX


Author with Joe Lansdale, Book People, Austin, TX


Author and Hannah Kent at Boswell Books, Milwaukee


Author in San Antonio for The Heretic’s Daughter, with Brooke Gladstone, Mary Roach and Dr. Meg Jay.
Author in Chicago for The Outcasts, with fellow Hachette authors Jeff Abbott, Julianna Baggott and Mary Simses.
Author in Salem for The Traitor’s Wife, with 250 Carrier descendants.






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  1. Cynthia Maurer

    I have been trying to locate the identity of my biological father on In doing so, I stumbled across your name as I believe I am a tenth generation descendent of Martha Allen through her son Richard. The problem is that I need to confirm this so had the DNA testing done. I was able to find one DNA matchup so far that has this line of Carriers that are also on my fathers family tree, however not been able to find a second match, either because the person I share genealogy with doesn’t have a tree, has a very limited tree or no family tree at all. I was wondering if you or someone you know could assist in that regard. I have ordered the novel about Martha from Amazon. Intriguing family. I was born in upstate New York, but grew up in SE Connecticut and now like ve in MA, so all the places will be familiar to me. Thanks for any info you could offer. I just want to confirm my conclusions concerning my dads identity. He died at 29. Cindy

    • Kathleen Kent

      Dear Cynthia: Thank you for writing to me. I’ve never had DNA testing done because we had a very clear family tree back to Martha and Thomas Carrier, through their son Tom. I believe that can facilitate the testing and then match you up with other Carriers of that line. Many of the descendants of Thomas and Martha settled into upstate NY from Connecticut, so there’s a good chance that we are in cousins. Good luck with your search—genealogy is always a little bit like treasure hunting. You’re never sure what you’re going to find. Best regards, KK

  2. Lenah Nazer

    Hello Kathleen,

    I have just taken a real interest in Martha Carrier. I am from and live in Washington state and had to fly to Boston (12/3/14) for a business trip and took the time to ride the train to Salem for a visit. A tour guide there even gave me the title to your book which I just bought. My question is now to you, how are you a direct decent of Martha? She is my 12 or 13 times great grandmother from my mother’s father’s side. My mother’s father’s mother was named Margaret Carrier. My grandfather is from Watertown, New York and he moved to Oregon and Washington state in the 1950s, (where all my family is currently from and live) married, had 2 children, and later in life moved back to New York until his death. I am near positive that my Grandfather had some of Martha’s documents, but there is really no way I can see them. I am curious how I am connected somehow with you, if that doesn’t sound too crazy. Sincerely, Lenah

    • Kathleen Kent

      Dear Lenah: Thank you for writing to me! I’m always thrilled to hear from fellow descendants of Thomas and Martha Carrier. I am a 10 th generation descendant through Martha’s son Tom. I had grown up hearing stories from my maternal grandparents about the Salem witch trials and the Carrier family, and spent 5 years researching and writing The Heretic’s Daughter. It’s so nice to hear, also, that the good folks at Salem are supporting my work. If you go to my website, I’ve posted more photos and information about my research. The Carrier clan is all over the U.S. and Canada now and in 2011, when my second book The Wolves of Andover, was published 250 Carriers gathered for a weekend in Salem to pay homage to Thomas and Martha. It was an amazing experience to meet so many Carriers. Best regards, KK

  3. Beth Kelly

    I would like to be able to reach Kathleen Kent. My cousin sent me an article from USA today quite some time ago and I found it fascinating. I also have a history of my grandmother (9 generations back) being hung as a witch in Salem, along with 2 of her sisters. Her name was Mary Towne Estey. Please write to me so that I can share my notes with you. Thank you for your time and consideration. Cheers – Beth Kelly

    • Kathleen Kent

      Dear Beth, thank you so much for writing. I’m always especially thrilled to hear from descendants of those men and women who were involved in the Salem witch trials. Mary Towne Estey was a prominent figure in the trials, and it was so tragic that she and her extended family became caught up in the hysteria. I hope that you will want to explore my novel, The Heretic’s Daughter, which chronicles the life of my nine times great grandmother, Martha Carrier. My direct email address is if you’d like to send any notes from your family research. It is truly one of the most fascinating periods in Colonial history. Best regards, Kathleen

  4. Eve Anderson

    Hi Kathleen-
    This is your Plano Book Club friend who did the portrait–congrats on your latest book!
    Looks like you are one busy lady –I know this is way in the future–I’m talking about November 11, 2014–is that too far in advance to try and set up a neighborhood book club meeting with you? If so, can you give me a general idea of when you’d be available in the Plano area in 2014. My book club is looking forward to seeing you again and listening spellbound to your new story.
    Wishing you the very best,
    Eve Anderson

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